About Us

‘SLPS',a unique solution to HR needs, is a human resource solutions company specializing in sourcing professional for clients in emerging technologies and services. The company is headed by a team of professionals who are confident, competent and committed. SLPS is mainly covering the Industry groups of Engineering & Infrastructure, Information Technology, Telecommunication & also Accounts & HR.

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, marked by rapidly changing technology and markets, success is determined largely by the quality of human resources. Recruitment of the right people is one method through which an organization can ensure that it retains its competitive edge. Recruitment should therefore be made the cornerstone of any business' strategy.

For Top & Middle Management level positions, it has been established that retained executive search is by far the best method for an organization to obtain high caliber human resources. Executive Search helps define the true needs of an organization and the ideal Candidate Profile, realistically appraises the difficulty in finding such a person and its cost. It comprehensive coverage brings in objectivity with an independent third party view and reduces costly errors in Executive Selection.


Our Mission is to help our patrons to achieve their goals through inducting right talent at the right time on continuing basis.

Our Mission is to help our patrons to achieve their goals through inducting right talent at the right time on continuing basis.

We believe in building & maintaining Long Term relationships with our clients, which are built on strong work ethics, value added services, client satisfaction and Mutual Trust. We adhere to professional ethics under all circumstances and the same has resulted in long association with our clients

Values & Beliefs

We believe in adding value to our clients. We attempt to identify candidates that meet our client's requirements to the best of our ability. We attempt to enhance the effectiveness of our client’s recruitment operations by providing the most appropriate referrals and support with information in line with their requirements.

We believe in conducting our business with honesty and professional integrity. We never solicit candidates from our clients (not even indirectly), we don't refer candidates with doubtful integrity to our clients and we conduct our business with utmost transparency.

We are careful in choosing our clients - we work closely with companies that appreciate our values. And we take equal care in recommending candidates to our clients; only when we are convinced that the candidate will align with our client's culture & value system and deliver value in the long term do we refer them to our clients.


In today's competitive environment, time and cost has become important aspects of recruitment for every Consultant. We try our best to reduce both these factors, when it comes to selection and recruitment of the right people.

We understand that, as a client you would look forward to the following aspects:

  • An excellent databank.
  • Filtered resumes according to your requirements.
  • We offer an entire gamut of recruitment based activities which include gathering information about the client in terms of their standing in the market, the domains, the company's line of business, market standing, the verticals they work on, and their work culture.
  • Understanding the requirements and defining the channels of sourcing for the same like headhunting, referrals, networking, databases, and advertisements.
  • Short listing according to the job specifications.
  • Conducting psychometric and technical tests for clients on request.
  • Scheduling interviews.
  • Conducting reference checks.
  • Follow up with candidates & clients at all levels.
  • Feedback of recruited candidates on a regular basis.